The symbol for The Water Bearer is a man bent down on one knee balancing an upturned, open-ended urn upon his shoulder. The image signifies the human capacity for channelling cosmic consciousness flowing down from above. The Aquarian glyph (Aquarius symbol), two wavy lines, represent the serpents, symbols of wisdom that arise from deep within us.

In Capricorn we built the form that contains spirit. In Aquarius we can let the light of spirit shine through everything we do; it is the sign of awakening, revelation and enlightenment: the flowering of consciousness. Emanating the light of spirit, the Water Bearer has star quality: Clark Gable, Paul Newman and Ronald Reagan prove the point.

Perhaps the most salient quality of Aquarius is its capacity for objectivity, for aloof detachment – unlike Leo (its opposite sign), it has no investment in what it beholds. Leo is warm and validating, Aquarius is (mostly!) cool and distant. If Leo signifies romantic love, Aquarius represents brotherly love. Aquarius perceives and, indeed expects every individual to be totally unique.

And so it is open-minded, tolerant and egalitarian and transcends the differences that artificially separate one group from another. By moving beyond the illusion of separateness, Aquarius is concerned with the ideals and aspirations that benefit humanity as a whole.

Independence is the hallmark of Aquarius: where Aquarius is in our chart we must resist the coercions of our culture, never conform to the expectations of a living soul. This is where we often live with the hurt of true individuality – our only comfort being that broken hearts are the inescapable price of freedom. Examples of freedom-loving Water Bearers are Colette, Yoko Ono and Abraham Lincoln.

Aquarius is an air sign and this sign can think in ways we have not been taught to think. Being a fixed air sign it is also unbendingly stubborn: ‘I know I’m sane, even if everyone thinks I’m crazy!’ is the cry of Aquarius.

The trap is to become eccentric for eccentricity’s sake, to invent some artificial statement of independence and hang onto it with the stubbornness of a mule at an auction.

A sign loyal to the individuation process without judgement, Aquarius is the sign of friendship. It was Carole King, an Aquarian songwriter, who wrote:

Winter, spring, summer, or fall

All you have to do is call

And I’ll be there

You’ve got a friend .’



Pisces is a mutable water sign. Water is mutable: it flows, cleanses, distributes, takes on countless shapes, always follows the path of least resistance and never fails to complete the process. Water holds our feelings, desires, unconscious dreams and visions. Through them we touch our e-motions, which literally spur us to motion and move us toward what has real meaning for us.

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces represents the ocean, symbolically the universal sea of consciousness that binds us all together. Pisces is the symbol of consciousness itself. Wherever Pisces is in our chart, we have a doorway into the realm of art and mysticism – the journey to the soul starts here.

Each astrological sign is a quality, an energy. Pisces is the energy to be creative: unfettered by the world of matter, it generates images, stories and dreams. Aquarius saw the mind observing the mind – Pisces observes the mind observing the world – the objective universe evaporates – all that remains is a network of subjective reactions.

Through our Pisces portal we raise our intuitive knowing, leaving behind the safe and the familiar of the material world. The Piscean goal is to truly understand that the only reality is our own consciousness and that to bring the soul’s potential to life within us, we must engage in the activity of love. (Pisces’ connection to proper understanding is by its association with the feet, which stand under us.)

As we strengthen our inner focus, our purpose can become clear. In Pisces we need to align ourselves with spirit; if we fail to do this, confusion and chaos result. When Pisces attempts to escape from the objective world into the subjective one, the fishes may flood themselves with alcohol, drugs, food, television, books, music or sleep. Mind, with all its imagination and creativity is then hidden from the world, no transformation of one’s perception can occur and Pisces just sits there overwhelmed by a tide of emotion, of fear and of vain dreams.

Examples of Pisceans that have battled to remain part of an overwhelming world are Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli. George Washington, Michelangelo and Albert Einstein were Pisceans with a strong sense of purpose combined with an ability to see the whole.



‘Without rehearsing we take risks.
We are spontaneous.’
 Fritz Perls

The essential meaning of Aries is embodied in its position in the yearly cycle: the sun moves into the sign of Aries when we celebrate the first day of spring. Day and night are of equal length; this means that the Day force (individual power) and the Night force (collective power) are equal as well. From here on the days get longer and the emphasis is on celebrating individuality.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign: the will to exist asserts itself; Aries says ‘I am’!

This is the sign of new beginnings, of survival issues, of impulsiveness, boldness and risk-taking. Wherever you have Aries in your chart is where you create stress to find the courage to make leaps of faith to ground a new vision.

Planets in Aries in a chart will express themselves by leading rather than following. These are individuals who can be quite thoughtless as they are first and foremost true to themselves. This is especially true of people with the sun, moon or ascendant in Aries.

Sun in Aries people are intent on achievement and let nothing stand in their way to scale the heights of personal fulfilment. Elton John is in many ways an example of a sun in Aries and a documentary made about his life in 1996 was titled ‘Tantrums and Tiaras’.

Moon in Aries individuals need constant stimulation and they are forever on the lookout for another extreme sport or a more exciting relationship. An Aries ascendant tends to have an intense relationship with the physical vehicle. Marlon Brando’s raw passion for emotional truth has both sun and moon in Aries.

A healthy self-interest assures a clear definition of the core self, uncluttered by the opinions or expectations of others. However, Aries also rules self-absorption and characteristics that Aries needs to address are: lack of awareness of others, selfishness, impulsive action that alienates others and the inappropriate expression of anger and impatience. Aries is an idealistic and forthright sign but when Aries people don’t understand their energy, when they don’t understand what motivates them to action, their wonderful Aries ideas can be wasted because they may not be presented in an acceptable manner.

Mars, the red planet, is associated with Aries and possesses a fearless, courageous and aggressive nature. Mars knows how to mobilise energy to achieve results but is also easily frustrated and often displays a temper. The secret for Aries is not to fight the wrong war. The Aries archetype is the Amazon or warrior woman, the pioneer, the adventurer, the daredevil, the hero that goes forth on his quest to slay the proverbial dragon. In the classic hero’s journey, an individual goes on a journey of initiation to awaken to an inner knowing and a spiritual power. The hero self faces external and internal obstacles, confronting his fears as he bravely conquers the forces assembled against him. He then returns to his tribe with an experience of value to all.

Unconditional love, authentic caring and honouring the feminine role model represent the triumphant hero reunited with his people, able to be of service to his community by becoming the wise man or woman.



Leo is a fixed fire sign. All fire signs in some way deal with the power released at the start of all cosmic processes: the power to induce transformation. Aries represents the spiritual impulse which compels the child into the world; Leo represents the impulse to express self, the birth of individuality and in Sagittarius comradeship and group-dedication is born.

In Cancer we become whole and experience the wealth of our feelings, in Leo we need to have the self confidence to express ourselves creatively and without constraint: Leo is a reaction against the inwardness of the crab. Expressing, making the contents of the mind visible is the task of Leo; don’t transcend the ego – express the ego! Where Leo is in your chart you need to develop your own personal style.

It is the sign where we expand our creative spirit by strengthening both mind and will: through play and a devil-may-care attitude abstract thought is stimulated as well as power, confidence and enthusiasm. Leo needs to shine – the sign ruled by the sun endlessly radiating heat and light into the solar system.

Leo rules the heart and the spine and is the sign of royalty and the inner child. It is about integrity, nobility, generosity and being true to the unfolding of ourselves and eternally sharing that unfolding with all and sunder – never holding back.

This is the sign of the performer and the actor – where Leo is in your chart is where you need the applause NOW. The lion knows how to be happy, he knows that he is alive right now – yesterday might have had its woes, tomorrow may never come……the King of the Jungle knows he needs to seize the moment and wring each atom of joy from it.

The greatest expression of Leo is love – that divine power that makes the world go around. When the sun is in Leo or where Leo is in your chart let the love flow freely, celebrate Creation..

With all his warmth and presence, Leo certainly deserves the praise; the warning is to not go into a frenzy of performance when he is not appreciated. Leo needs love, but the moment he insists on attention he becomes pitiful.

Leo’s shadow is pride, his light is natural humility: to simply ask for love and to express the vulnerability he understands so well is his greatest challenge.

‘All sunshine makes the desert.’ Saudi-Arabian Proverb

Bill Clinton born on 19 August 1946 has the sun and three planets in Leo: his commanding presence and magnetism is typical of Leo. He inspires people and has forged his own destiny with a strong sense of purpose.

Another typical Leo is Madonna (16 August 1958). In 2000 Madonna was listed as one of the most successful female recording artists and one of the highest earning female singers of all time. She truly deserves the title ‘Queen of Pop’.

Rosalynn Carter and Jackie Onassis are examples of Leo First Ladies who both illustrate the natural dignity of Leo.



‘In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.’ Albert Camus

The symbol for Capricorn is the mountain goat with the tail of a fish – a mythical creature – yet as the last earth sign it is supremely concerned with living in the material world. Indeed, a sign of paradoxes: it arises in mid-winter and yet the days have already started to grow longer, it is dedicated to create form only so that it can move beyond that world of form, it asks us to manifest our ideals in the outer world with an awareness of our inner purpose.

In Sagittarius we find our truth and validate it through sharing. In Capricorn we need to give it stature by creating something that time can try its tooth on in vain. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign: cardinal signs are accomplishment-oriented; in earth the goal is to ground our ideas and give them form.

Although Capricorn has to scale the heights of power he has to become the master of solitude so as not to be seduced by the clapping of hands: he must seek approval within himself. It is the sign of integrity and solitude.

The ultimate paradox is probably that the worldly Capricorn perfects the physical vehicle so that it may open to the voice of spirit: Capricorn has an affinity for divine inspiration and the world of symbolism. There are many examples of Capricorn’s devotion to spiritual life: Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of the Self-realization fellowship, Alan Watts, pioneer of Zen Buddhism in the West, Joan of Arc and Martin Luther King are but a few.

No other sign has as much self-discipline: once he steers a course he is totally deaf to any allurement, he has an iron will – his behaviour reflects his intentions, not his emotions. He works efficiently until the dream is a reality. Ruled by Saturn, The Time Lord, Capricorn children are born old; they often improve, feel and look younger as they grow older. There is a respect for age, for experience and all that has withstood the test of time – and that includes an appreciation of stone and rock.

The warning is that Capricorn himself may turn to stone should his hard-won self-containment spill over into his emotional life – then he becomes the cold-hearted, selfish Ebenezer Scrooge who despises Christmas and all things that engender happiness – power mongerer, control freak, workaholic.


Scrooge McDuck – the richest duck in the world!




What emerged in Aries and Taurus, unfolds in Gemini and Cancer, expresses itself in Leo and Virgo, reorients itself in Libra and Scorpio and now has to coordinate the entire process in Sagittarius and Capricorn. Two Sagittarians that are excellent examples of intuitively understanding how to coordinate the processes within society and how to project and share their vision are Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg.

If Scorpio is about depth, Sagittarius is about width: ‘The upwards shooting Centaur aims for the higher picture and keeps its eyes fixed on the distant horizon.’ Deborah Houlding.

Like all other fire signs (Aries and Leo) Sagittarius is intuitive, idealistic and enthusiastic. No other sign needs so much space and freedom; exploration and questing are key issues for Sagittarius: no sign is so fearful of constraint (except perhaps Aquarius, but more about that later….)

The extroverted, jovial Sagittarius creates space by utilising its inbuilt faith, optimism and trust to view the future as an adventure. And even when they come short, Sagittarians cope better than most: it is after all a mutable sign and views all change as an opportunity for stimulation and renewed motivation.

Sagittarius recoils from narrow-mindedness and has a dislike of convention and will use humour to cut to the truth of the matter. Mark Twain, born 30 November 1835, who was an American humorist, satirist, lecturer and writer, personifies this aspect of Sagittarius. Even physically they often have loud, hard-on-the-ear voices!

Between 3000-2000BCE the Scythians, who were skilled archers, first used the horse in battle: when the Greeks first saw the Scythians in Battle they believed rider and horse to be one and the myth of the warlike centaur was born. Although the benefic Jupiter rules Sagittarius, this sign has a definite Martian quality.

It is not a sign to hesitate or pause and doesn’t handle details well – it has a propensity to rush out, aggressively pursuing its own ends. There is a constant need for challenge and stimulation which can create difficulties in relationships and is not well suited to steady application in the workplace.

Sagittarians love to travel and any kind of sport is another favourite pastime of theirs.

The sad yet valiant Edith Piaf and the stubborn, courageous Winston Churchill are both famous Sagittarians.



That which has been conceptualised (Libra) needs to be experienced in the depths of one’s being, physically and emotionally and this is where the Scorpio phase of the process comes in. If Libra is the joining of hands, Scorpio is the joining of hearts (Sagittarius is the joining of minds).

The joining of hearts implies an intensity and a depth of feeling. Scorpio is a fixed water sign – water power is the capacity to feel and to respond as an organic whole and The Scorpion has a steady, indestructible commitment to get to the heart of the matter.

The endpoint for Scorpio is the truth – a truth devoid of superficial gloss. The fixity of the sign brings enduring patience and determination and its natural resilience makes it seem practically impassable – after all, the role of Scorpion gods in ancient symbolism and myth is to act as fierce guardians, custodians and protectors who have the capacity and courage to strike out without hesitation. The function of the scorpion’s sting is to penetrate and invade in a focussed and unswerving manner.

The Scorpio part of us knows emotional logic: and feeling our way through life is the only way to find out what gives us joy. We must have the courage to feel anything no matter how terrifying those feelings might be. Intense emotional encounters and allowing our sexuality to be what it is, help the Scorpio within to explore what is truly important; self-acceptance is the first step in transformation.

Transforming our actions to align perfectly with our feelings is what Scorpio is all about.

Entertaining thoughts of its own impending death is another way of getting to the core truths: if I should die tomorrow, what is it that I need to do today? In this way every comforting lie, every soothing half-truth is stripped away.

In the body Scorpio rules the private parts and indeed no sign is as private and secretive as Scorpio.

The ruler of Scorpio was traditionally Mars and modern astrologers accept Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, as co-ruler. Where Mars dominates there is little interest in compromise and active attack (Aries) or strategic defence (Scorpio) is what counts. This covert power is the basis of an almost tangible magnetism that is so characteristic of Scorpio.

Famous Scorpios are Prince Charles, Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates – Scorpio is always a force to be reckoned with.



What emerged in Aries and Taurus, unfolds in Gemini and Cancer, expresses itself in Leo and Virgo, and has to reorient itself in Libra and Scorpio. This literally means to find to a new Orient, a new East as the rising sun in the East symbolises the source of power and vitality.

The Sun moves into Libra at the autumn equinox: the day and the night force have equal say: it is a time of perfect balance, of harmony – yet from now on the night force gains strength every day. The outward journey has been completed and the time has come to find a new balance: the night force, the inner journey gains prominence.

Libra is usually depicted as a woman carrying the scales. The Egyptian Goddess, Maat, the goddess of equilibrium, of truth, justice and rightness, carries the scales. She lived within each individual and without – symbolising both individual and cosmic consciousness. She also represented in Egyptian life the balance between the aridity of the desert and the lushness of the Nile valley.

After death the heart was weighed against a feather in the scales of Maat. If the heart were too heavy, without any blame or punishment, the soul had to return to Earth to reincarnate time and time again until it was found light enough to be liberated. Libra teaches that we need to find our true purpose; to do not only what makes our heart feel light but to know that it is not WHAT we do, but HOW we do it.

Libra is a cardinal air sign: clarity of perceptions needs to emerge and where Libra is in our chart is where we try to be fair, to see both sides of an issue. The search for equality and justice must begin with inward reflection and an earnest attempt to see things from alternative perspectives.

Like no other sign Libra tolerates a paradox; Libra knows that every truth is composed of two half-truths – and no sign is less content with half-a-truth! Libra is forever at the crossroads: a choice must be made, but how does one choose if you know that no path is unambiguously the right one?

Libra, ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty is expressed especially through relationship with another; in spite of ambiguity, Libra needs to dig deeply within and commit to the dictates of the heart. In Libra we explore marrying the reality of our lives with our ideals.

Many famous Librans are involved in politics and the struggle for justice. Examples are Eleanor Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter and Jesse Jackson – all of whom were or are in power-sharing marriages.

Bill Clinton has a Libra ascendant and five planets in Libra: he is a particularly attractive man that radiates goodwill; he is a skilled negotiator and has a desire for a strong partnership. Yet he struggles to live up to his ideals and at one point he lost sight of being true to himself and seemingly lost his integrity.

The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, is a Libran and even those who strongly opposed her views agreed that she responded to the call of the scales admirably: she qualified as a lawyer before developing her career in politics and was a committed strategist and a distinguished statesman.



For Goddess-worshipping peoples the word ‘virgin’ did not imply celibacy or inexperience: a virgin was a woman who could not be possessed by any man, who was her own mistress, aware of her powers and her value. Temple priestesses were called vestal virgins demonstrating Virgo’s dedication and her ability to intercede with divinity on behalf of humankind and life on earth.

Virgo is the mutable earth sign that creates the connection between the material world and the heavenly world.

In Leo we reach a ceiling to self-expression and our next step can only be to leap to a new level in being: setting our sights on no less than perfection. In order to achieve this Virgo has a two-pronged vision:

  • a sense of the ideal and
  • merciless honesty about the true state of affairs

Virgo has the ability to envision her potential and evaluate efficiently to what extent she is realising her potential: she turns into the craftsman of her evolutionary growth. As she never reaches perfection she remains forever humble and forever serves. Part of Virgo’s strategy is to measure the perfecting of her self and her craft by serving others. She takes the most perfectible part of her self and becomes identified with it – she becomes her work!

‘To perfect the self through relentless idealism, humble self-assessment, and an unyielding desire to offer a gift to the world: that is Virgo’s strategy.’ Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky

Dedication to improvement and service and the desire to make sense of the world lead. Virgo to meticulously analyse, observe, study, compare and record: Virgo likes paper on which ideas are presented in tangible form. An ancient picture actually depicts her with a papyrus headdress! Virgos are often fine writers, poets and, of course, critics.

Being devoted to improvement on earth has turned Virgo into an expert on the natural rhythms of nature and its reflection in her own body. She has an abiding curiosity about anatomy, body chemistry and physiology and a preoccupation with diet which manifests as an interest in vitamins, health supplements, vegetarianism and nutrition in general. Virgo rules the small intestines and the general metabolism of the body.

Mercury rules Virgo but unlike Gemini where the Trickster and the Puer Aeternus (the eternal youth) are involved, the Virgo Mercury refers to the wise Thoth, an Egyptian God that was considered the heart and tongue of Ra as well as the means by which Ra’s will was translated into speech. He has also been likened to the Logos of Plato and the mind of God.

Failure to actualize Virgo functions can lead to getting lost in perfectionism so that the bigger picture is lost. Perfection can become entrapment and preoccupation with rules, schedules and lists, criticism and a lack of empathy, excessive devotion to work and hypochondriacal worry about dirt, germs and health are her less adorable traits.

The key to Virgo is self-acceptance: she must choose to love her self honestly and unconditionally, discovering in time the wondrous perfection of her imperfection.

‘No, I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be;
Am an attendant lord…no doubt, an easy tool,
Deferential, glad to be of use,
Politic, cautious, and meticulous.’
 T. S. Eliot

Sean Connery who is known for his suave James Bond persona, his passionate political beliefs and sardonic wit is a Virgo. Michael Jackson, whose search for perfection took him to the edge of reason, is another one.

The list of famous Virgos is endless: Goethe, Agatha Christie, Leonard Bernstein, Sophia Loren and many, many more.



‘My room is like a bit of June,
Warm and close-curtained fold on fold,
But somewhere, like a homeless child
My heart is crying in the cold.’
 Sara Teasdale

Aries is the beginning of spring, a germinating time; Taurus is an invigorating and strengthening time and Gemini is the time for enlivening – it is time for blossoming. Cancer symbolises fruitfulness and fertilisation. What emerged rather hesitantly in Aries is now able to display its determination-to-be, its course of action and the direction it will follow.

The sun enters Cancer at summer solstice: this is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. The Day-force, our individual power reaches its maximum strength. Cancer refers to the fruitfulness of creating a firm foundation or home and the concretely established and stabilised individual: the seed has borne full leaf. Cancer is a cardinal water sign: The water element generates a feeling of wholeness, of completion.

At the summer solstice the days begin to shorten and the night force takes over; we begin our journey of gradually embracing the darkness. Like the night to which she introduces us, the forces of Cancer are mysterious. She is ruled by the moon, the Goddess of the Night who brings her light to guide us through the watery depths of feeling.

To survive, the Crab needs to grow a shell and as he matures he needs to shed his shell and grow another – one that is larger and better suited to his expanded state. Until his new shell is firmly in place he is prey to all that swims, runs, crawls or flies. Those born under the mark of the Crab need to find an inner security so enduring that they are able to feel consciousness, to feel every nuance of life and survive. They need to lay to rest their irrational fears and learn how to love, trust and, most of all, enjoy all that life offers. The crab needs to create the minimal defences consistent with survival.

Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the healer and the nurturer and no sign is as kind and caring as Cancer. Cancer rules containers of all kinds including the womb where new life is nourished and the home where families are nourished.

When Cancerians are out of touch with their feelings and true needs they eat or seek oral gratification (Cancer rules the stomach and the breasts), indulge in self-pity and moodiness, become clinging or withdraw into their own private world.

A fine example of a Cancer sun was the deaf, dumb and blind Helen Keller who broke free from the depths of her isolation to forge creative mental and emotional connections with her environment.

Nelson Mandela is another Cancerian who emerged from thirty years in isolation to lead his people toward his vision of justice for all.

The planet associated with Gemini is Mercury, The Messenger of the Gods. Mercury symbolises intelligence and the transmission and reception of information. It is the planet of mind, of linear, logical functions and serves Gemini well.

(Note: As astrology originated in Ancient Babylonia in the Northern Hemisphere, the seasonal symbolism relates to this hemisphere.)



“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes-and ships-and sealing wax-
Of cabbages and kings-“
 Lewis Carroll

What emerged in Aries and stabilised in Taurus, now turns outward and becomes aware of all the nuances of existence: Gemini, the first human symbol, is a glutton for experience and knowledge of all kinds.

The symbol is the twins: one becomes two, duality is the essence of our existence on earth. We define life in terms of polarity; how can we know light without dark, good without evil, male without female?

The twins relate to each other, they take turns to express themselves – Gemini is the symbol of accommodating others in our world. Mutable air: adaptable mental energy, moving towards and away, in and out, eternally moving. No wonder Gemini rules the lungs where the breath forever moves in and out, connecting us to all.

Where Gemini is in your chart, is where you need to give the world permission not to make sense; maintaining an eternally youthful, wide-open, receptive state is the primary evolutionary strategy of this sign. Gemini is forever young and the part of us that is always in wonderment, appreciating each petal, each teardrop and each insight.

Curiosity, vitality and intelligence are all part of Gemini’s repertoire, but above all the twins know how to communicate. Most people seem to know that the key issue for Gemini is communication, and speaking and listening are certainly emphasised during the time the sun is in Gemini. Actually Gemini refers to perception, the way you experience your surrounds. Gemini needs to keep a wide-open mind and be as intense and to live a varied life as is possible. Where Gemini is in a chart is where we need to step outside of our comfort zone as much as we can. Witness the world, witness your responses. Understanding may arise but that is not the point, perceive, perceive, perceive……!

Gemini needs to remember that communication is a two-way street and that sometimes we need to stop talking to observe, listen and to assimilate.

The swiftness of ideas and perceptions flowing through the mind and the ensuing chaos take their toll on the nervous system. An accumulation of tension and an overload of the mind can produce fear and doubt and difficulty in relaxing. This often leads to insomnia, overextension and finally emotional exhaustion. Tension such as Gemini can create must be released and quiet yet penetrating dialogue with relaxed partners is important. Varied forms of physical exercise could also be a big help to release tensions.

Above all Gemini needs to centre and to stay present.

The planet associated with Gemini is Mercury, The Messenger of the Gods. Mercury symbolises intelligence and the transmission and reception of information. It is the planet of mind, of linear, logical functions and serves Gemini well.

Gemini is versatile and multi-talented and Bob Dylan, Michael J. Fox, Clint Eastwood, John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe are all examples of just this.

Geminian Ralph Waldo Emerson writes:
     All are needed by each one,
     Nothing is fair or good alone
     From ‘Each and All’



What emerged when the sun was in fiery, masculine Aries has to be consolidated when the sun is in earthy, feminine Taurus.

The symbol is a bull: not the bull charging through the streets of Pamplona but dear Ferdinand sitting quietly under a spreading oak in his meadow, smelling the roses.

Taurus as a fixed earth sign is where we find our grounding: it vouches for the possibility of life on earth. It is the first and most personal earth sign mainly concerned with material possessions and stability – and the peace that this may bring. At a more subtle level it represents what we value, both tangible and intangible. Where Taurus is in your chart is where you need to discover the time to be creative, to share with others, to live a peaceful, less pressurised life.

To do this the Bull needs to let go of his identification with his possessions and his achievement: an enduring inner security is the true goal of this massive animal. Whenever Taurus becomes stressed it means that he has lost sight of his inner purpose.

An inner silence is the Bull’s true goal: instead of being lost in thinking, he recognises himself as the awareness behind his thinking. Music silences us when we listen to it and especially when we participate in some way. Taurus rules the throat and singing and there is no more potent evolutionary strategy for this sign than singing – even if it is in the shower!

No other sign is as aware that touch is healing; celebrating all five senses: touching another, listening to music, savouring a good meal, gardening, working with clay – for Taurus the path is through the body.

It is the sign that connects us to the earth and is concerned with discovering a simpler, more satisfying lifestyle: we need to learn to do more with less and to direct our efforts toward a more satisfying and sustainable world for all. Taurus goes to the heart (earth) of the matter.

Another challenge for Taurus is being open to the spiritual call: Wesak is celebrated each year at the full moon in Taurus commemorating the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha. The Buddha and Taurus teach us that all unhappiness stems from:

Wanting what you don’t have
Having what you don’t want
And not knowing the difference

Venus, the planet of relationships and resources, is associated with Taurus. Above all Venus leads us to create harmony or to respond to a harmony that is already there. Venus rules beauty and art and the appreciation that puts us in touch with the flowering of our consciousness.

Barbara Streisand is a fine example of the will, energy and determination of Taurus: she is productive, creative and artistic. She is concerned with human beings and the human condition and her inner radiance is clear for anybody who wants to see.

Other examples of people born with the sun in Taurus are Cher, Shirley MacLaine, Duke Ellington, Uma Thurman, Rudolph Valentino and Tony Blair.