Marelna Du Plessis

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Harness the power of astrology to better understand your life choices

‘Love calls – everywhere and always.
We’re sky bound.
Are you coming?’ Rumi

At Celestial Notebook we use astrological insight to support you to make sense of the seeming randomness of our existence. I hope this website will support you to resonate with the events in your life and, through the free members weekly email updates, provide insight into what the Universe has in mind. Armed with better understanding you could then choose to recognise and harness the power of life’s cycles and patterns and perhaps make more informed decisions.

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Events and Courses

Marelna attends events and presents webinars and courses all around the world.  Check back regularly for details of the latest events, or sign up to our newsletter and we’ll email you directly whenever there’s an event we think you will enjoy!

Personal consultations with Marelna

A personal consultation with Marelna can give you further insight into your world.

What to expect

Your birth chart is the map of your soul’s intent. The first part of the consultation will be a brief overview of what this might be - indicating your path of least resistance. This discussion could provide a more expansive view of the circumstances you are addressing, where you are compelled to act and often a different take on what the best action for you might be. The timing of the resolution is frequently clear in a chart.

Consultations are an interactive process – there is ample time for participation.

The essence of the consultation is to focus on the present: which aspects of your life are currently being triggered and demand attention? Which questions are uppermost in your mind? Although we focus on your present circumstances, the chart provides a better understanding of where your questions originated - be it in childhood, be it ancestral issues or whether a life theme is being triggered.

The consultation lasts for approximately 60 minutes.

Discounts available for Celestial Notebook members.

About Me

I was born in Johannesburg just as apartheid was written into the law books of South Africa. Steeped in colour issues and the polarisation of a segregated society, it is no wonder that at university I studied history and psychology. No real answers were forthcoming however and my search deepened. In time I qualified as an Astrologer (mind), a Polarity Therapist (body) and an Aura-Soma practitioner (spirit). Life in South Africa led me to understand and value diversity, fertile soil indeed for cultivating awareness.

I view a chart as a map of the soul’s intent: to decipher the map and find the yellow brick road has been my passion for twenty years. My focus has been to simplify the combining of astrology, the Tarot, numerology and colour – so deepening my work as a consulting astrologer.

I offer basic and advanced astrology courses, revealing for each participant their own personal mandala created at the moment they drew their first breath.



“What a powerful message you have so beautifully written this week in your celestial notebook. I am so grateful for your wonderful insight and astrological predictions.”


“Marelna read my chart 25 years ago ,my first reading, and it opened a window into possibilities that  if harnessed,   could positively shape my life. It was memorable
and exemplary as a tool for self understanding.

I highly recommend Marelna as an astute practitioner of Astrology.”


“Thank you again for your newsletter. Its a light in this dark time that helps me hold the trust and allow everything to emerge.”


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