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Harness the power of astrology to understand your life choices better

‘Love calls - everywhere and always.
We're sky bound.
Are you coming?’

At Celestial Notebook we use astrological insight to support you to make sense of the seeming randomness of our existence. I hope this website will resonate with the events in your life, and through the free members weekly email updates provide insight into what the Universe has in mind. You then have a choice to recognise and harness the power of life's cycles and patterns and perhaps make more informed decisions.

*** Joint webinar, 3rd Sept 8pm BST ***

On 3/9/2020 at 20h00 BST, my friend, Waquefa and I will present a webinar about the effects of Mars retrograde on our experience and our energy field.

Mars will be retrograde (seemingly reversing against the background of the stars) from 9 September to 14 November. Mars in Aries is a fiery energy that could be disruptive and even explosive! Mars is at a challenging aspect to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto and lining up with Eris, Goddess of Strife. Our webinar will discuss what the effects could be globally and especially personally (should you know where Aries is in your chart).

Purchase a ticket by making a £15 payment via the PayPal link here:

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